Kaye Thompson

Piano Teacher|Songwriter|Composer

"I love music because it's a language we can all speak. Everyone has a little music in them!"


I am the youngest of three children, born to Jamaican Immigrants in Queens, New York; New York is also where I started my lessons in Piano. Funnily enough, I didn't want to take lessons initially; my parents pulled us out of the much more interesting Karate in order to make room for the Piano. They could've at least put me in gymnastics like I wanted, but nooooo. I resented having to give up any part of my weekend to learn how to play some "boring" ol' instrument. Even my teacher thought I would never take it seriously enough to excel; he also said my fingers were too short! However, contrarian that I am, I came to enjoy my weekly lessons. A lot. Then I started to anticipate them. I practiced so much, my parents wondered what they had done introducing me to such a noisy extracurricular. Before I knew it, I was in love with the piano, and music in general. After almost a decade of guided instruction in Sight Reading, Music Theory, and Music History, I decided to take it to the next level on my own at the age of 14. Since taking the reins on my own learning, I have written 50+ songs, played numerous recitals and church services, and even composed a number for a musical. I remain a forever student when it comes to music, particularly the Piano, and I'm grateful to share my journey with as many of you as I come across. When you are ready to start your own musical journey, contact me! If you are interested in working with me professionally, please click the "Book with Me" link to contract me for your musical needs.